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Welcome from Leigh Whitehouse – Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Resources

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in working for Surrey County Council and in the role of Director of People and Change.

Our story over the past three years is one of impressive progress and improvement. We’re now looking for someone to join us in this important role to help us move to the next level. Despite the progress we have made, our ambitions are greater still.

As an organisation and a leadership team we strive to be open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses, and we are unashamedly ambitious about what we can achieve, and the difference that we can make to Surrey and the residents who live here. Our guiding principle is that ‘no one is left behind’, and this runs through the way we seek to achieve our priority objectives and the way we deliver services.

There are many fantastic things about working for Surrey County Council. There is an energy and drive in the organisation that has been vitally important to the successes we have had over the past few years. Incredibly able and committed colleagues make it a stimulating and enjoyable place to work, with unstinting support for transformation and improvement. There is a strong sense of being part of a team, and it is a fast moving environment where there are real opportunities to deliver lasting and meaningful change.

Personally, I really value the importance that is placed on our people, and the recognition that our organisational culture will be the biggest single factor that determines the extent to which we can achieve our organisational objectives.

As Director of People and Change you will be at the heart of this. Our emerging workforce of the future strategy will deliver across a wide range of domains, looking at talent and succession, Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion, organisational design, recruitment and retention, pay and reward, and our organisational culture. We are looking for the sort of leader who can maximise the great opportunities to deliver effective change through this programme and their wider impact on the council.

This role is part of our Resources Directorate, and will sit on the leadership team alongside Directors of Finance, IT&D, Transformation, and Strategy, amongst others. As a team we are working towards creating a very different model of corporate support, where there is an emphasis on a business partnering ethos, and a desire to provide joined-up, wrap-around services to colleagues in our service directorates.

As a large and high profile County Council, with a growing reputation for an innovative and ambitious approach, we want you to join us and to deliver in a way that will further enhance our reputation, and do the same to yours along the way.

If Surrey County Council sounds like the sort of place that you would like to work, and you feel that you could make a positive contribution to our ambitious agenda then we would love to hear from you. You won’t need to have worked in a replica of this role to be a success, but experience a large scale public sector environment will be a definite advantage.

Thank you again for your interest in this role, and I look forward to meeting you should you choose to take forward an application.

Leigh Whitehouse
Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Resources

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